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Jan. 8 - Feb. 28Dallas Holocaust Museum presents A History of the Kindertransport: How 10,000 Children Were Rescued
Dallas Holocaust Museum / Center for Education and Tolerance
211 North Record Street,
Dallas, TX

Ticket Price: $8-$10
The Kindertransport was a rescue operation that granted safe passage to 10,000 Jewish children caught in the path of Nazi Germany. In most cases, they left parents and siblings behind. The Kindertransport required steadfast determination, expediency, and the balancing acts of numerous individuals and organizations. Examine all the details that had to be nailed down; the numerous transportation schedules to synchronize; the sacrifices of parents to save their children and the selflessness of the people who provided homes for the children. Meet the Upstanders who made what seemed impossible happen at great risk to themselves; meet the parents who were forced to make heart-wrenching decisions; and finally, meet the children who escaped Hitler. For information: 214.741.7500 or







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