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Apr. 30 - Sep. 28Nature in my Art: Recent Artwork by Pavlina Panova at the Bath House Cultural Center
Bath House Cultural Center
512 East Lawther Drive
Dallas, TX

When the artist moved to the United States, she did not speak English and she felt deprived of her basic and best tool for communication: words. In order to overcome this obstacle, she enrolled in college to study English and, at the same time, she started taking art classes where she began to discover new forms of artistic expression that did not necessarily require an oral or written language. After a few years of experimenting with pressed leaves, clay, and other natural materials, she completed a degree in art and has since created and exhibited wonderfully detailed artwork that explores her personal history, culture, and sensibility through varied materials, rich textures, color, and elegant compositions. Ms. Pavlona is convinced that what she gets from nature is not only the materials needed to create her works of art, but also the inspiration that nature provides through its life-giving power and beauty. The artist borrows some elements from nature and, in turn, gives them a new form and life. The compositions of the artwork come from the artist's memories and also from imagined worlds. Overall, what moves Ms. Pavlona to rely on natural materials is her sincere desire to demonstrate that nature all around us is the best possible form of expression, and that nature, in combination with the arts, can undoubtedly be the most effective way in which a person can communicate with the rest of the world. For information: 214.670.8723 or







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