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Jan. 18 - Jun. 2Crow Collection of Asian Art presents Vivan Sundaram: Re-take of Amrita
The Crow Collection of Asian Art
2010 Flora St.
Dallas, TX

Vivan Sundaram: Re-take of Amrita reassembles the extended story of the artist’s family as seen in photographs and albums made by his grandfather, Umrao Singh Sher-Gil (1870–1954), a philosopher and amateur photographer. Produced between 2001 and 2005, the digital photomontages of  Re-take of Amrita combine images that encompass three generations and incorporate not only Sundaram’s family but also the paintings, mirrors and household interiors of the period, collapsing both time and space into contemporary fictions. Taken between 1904 and the 1940s, the original photographs by Sher-Gil include his wife and Hungarian opera singer Marie Antoinette Gottesman (1882–1948); their two daughters, Amrita (1913–1941) and Indira (1914–1975); their cousin (and later Amrita’s husband), Victor Egan (1910–1997); and the young Vivan Sundaram (b. 1943), the artist himself. The modern montages that comprise  Re-take of Amrita include scenes of Parisian parlors and Hungarian haystacks, as well as unexpected scenes of the loin-clothed patriarch alongside a young woman (his daughter) in a bathing suit. The family story is reconstructed into a complex web of relationships, places, and family dynamics, exposing Sundaram’s “re-take” of these family memories. By remixing the original photographs through Photoshop, the artist creates a tableau that omits space, time, and, therefore, reality. For information: 214/979-6440   or







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