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Nov. 22

3 pm
Allen Public Library presents Jack Ruby's Lawyer
Allen Public Library
300 N. Allen Dr.
Allen , TX 75013

Ticket Price: Free
Winston Smith, son of Jack Ruby’s lawyer the late Hubert Winston Smith, will appear at the Allen Public Library, 3:00 p.m., Friday, November 22. Revealing information that has been confidential for a half century, Winston will shed light on another story that has not been made public until this time. Fifty years ago, Winston served as an office assistant to his father, which meant he had access to private client information. His assignments included typing up the notes of the private investigators who were working for his father and organizing the depositions regarding Ruby’s association with, and later murder of, Lee Harvey Oswald. A graduate of both Harvard Medical and Harvard Law School, Hubert Winston Smith served in a dual capacity while defending Jack Ruby. Melvin Belli, Ruby’s first attorney, hired Mr. Smith for his medical expertise and to gather evidence pertaining to Jack Ruby’s medical history. When Ruby was convicted of killing Lee Harvey Oswald by a Dallas County jury, Melvin Belli was fired by the Ruby family and replaced by Houston attorney Percy Foreman. However, Foreman became annoyed with the Ruby family’s unsolicited advice and quit. Ruby's brothers and sister hired Professor Hubert Winston Smith, 56, then head of the University of Texas Law School's Law-Science Institute, to replace Foreman. Stating that he would charge no fee for representing Ruby, Smith’s first request to the court was to permit a new series of medical and mental tests on Jack Ruby. This enabled Ruby to overturn the lower court ruling. At the insistence of the University of Texas Law School, Smith resigned from Ruby’s case shortly after this and returned to teaching. For information: (214) 509-4911 or







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